Current version 1.3.0 beta  
  December 1, 2013  
  01.11.2013 New version - 1.3.0 beta

InorXL is compatible with Microsoft Excel 2013 now.
25.09.2013 New version - 1.2.8 beta

Installation program now allows administrator to install InorXL for all users of computer at once.
01.06.2013 New version - 1.2.7 beta

Fixed potential crash on improperly set branches. .NET components are upgraded to .NET 4.0.
20.02.2013 New version - 1.2.6 beta

Now drop-down lists are shown correctly with US language settings.
14.02.2013 New version - 1.2.5 beta

InorXL is now able to run from 32-bit Excel in 64-bit Windows and faster a bit on load flow.
09.09.2012 New version - 1.2.4 beta

International version of InorXL available. All features initially offered in Russian only are included in this release. User manual is translated to English. Language switches automatically, depending on operating system language.
09.01.2012 New version - 1.0.7

While developing international version of InorXL compatibility with Windows XP was lost due to use of APIs available only from modern OS versions. InorXL 1.0.7 brings compatibility with XP back.
03.01.2012 New version - 1.0.6

Slightly modified version of InorXL 1.0.6 released. This release minimises dependencies from installed system DLLs.
24.12.2011 New version - 1.0.5

The first version of InorXL featuring full English language support released.
  1. Now you can focus on error or warning source on worksheets with single click on protocol message.
  2. Fixed crash probability with incorrectly set bus LRC.
  3. InorXL selects language automatically depending on operating system regional settings.
The most interesting parts of site are available in English
30.09.2011 A "Resources" page opened

A new page "Resources" is opened. Sample macro for "RastrWin" enables to import IEEE CDF study cases.
17.09.2011 A new video on using InorXL in VBA

Fresh video in "Examples" or in Youtube shows how to make VBA macro for variative computations with InorXL. You can also download a brief description in PDF.
15.09.2011 Youtube channel InorXL opened

Sample videos from this site are published now on InorXL channel at Youtube. Video quality is HD on Youtube and SD on this site.
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