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  December 1, 2013  
What is InorXL ?
What is InorXL ?

InorXL is free software integrated with Microsoft Excel that enables power system load flow computation and analysis directly in Excel environment. You can use well known and reliable Excel tools to prepare and analyse Your power system data and perform fast load flow solution in one click. You can use Excel formulas and charts to present load flow solution results. And of course, You can develop VBA macros using InorXL integrated functionality.

Load flow computation utilizes multithreaded solution of linear equations system and performs most of floating point operations by SSE3 instruction set. High performance and robust load flow algorithms makes possible to solve load flow for large power systems models (over 100 000 of nodes) in seconds.

InorXL is free software, You can start to use it right today. No restrictions, no activations, no hardware locks and no limits for study case dimensions. If you want something to start from, take a look to a set of "examples".

The english version of this site is currently under development. We are working now on whole site translation. Some parts of the site are available in Russian only. Sorry for any inconveniences.


If you are student - InorXL can help you to work on your courses.
If you are power system engineer - InorXL will provide You with simple tool to prepare reports directly in Excel.
If you are power system planner - why not to automate Your work with VBA with single line to get fast and robust load flow solution ?
I will be glad if InorXL can help You in any of Your professional tasks.
This project welcomes any feedbak from You. Discuss, request features, share experience on forum.
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